Ben Passmore, Artist

Hi this is Ben Passmore, curator of the Ben Passmore brand, and you are viewing my super-professional portfolio website.

I live in New Orleans and am the artist behind many quality comics, including DAYGLOAYHOLE. I am also in a number of anthologies such as Irene, Speculative Relationships, As You Were, and Felony.

My illustrations have appeared all over the place, on a lot of posters, and in publications including the Raging Pelican, Antigravity, Vice and Classical Magazine. You can buy my comics from me directly, and shirts & posters featuring my art from Silver Sprocket. I am available for commissions as well.

pigRecently I launched an intriguing new project, the NEON NECROPOLIS VARIETY SHOW, which you can experience by contributing to my Patreon. By subscribing, you will raise the ratio of food I purchase vs. food I pick out of the garbage, undermining my thrillingly marginal bohemian lifestyle and creating additional angst I can funnel into my comics.

Feel free to e-mail me with inquiries.

For the latest up-to-the-second news on my doings and doodlings check out my Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

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